The Department of Environmental Quality's NPS Manager, Fran Castro, was recently sent to American Samoa as a delegate from Saipan for the 28th meeting of the US Coral Reef Task Force in Pago Pago. While in American Samoa, she was pulled over, failed a field sobriety test, and was arrested. Charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding, she made her appearance in court and was sentenced to nine months probation under several conditions that she must abide with while in American Samoa. She was ordered to remain a law abiding citizen, refrain from operating a vehicle for 30 days, and not consume any alcoholic beverage while on probation.

View the news article from Samoa News: http://cnmileaksource.webuda.com/leaks/FranCastroSamoaNews.pdf

These are the most recent orders regarding the outstanding judgments against Vice Speaker Felicidad T. Ogumoro. She has not one, but FOUR collection cases against her that go back 10-12 years. Combined, she owes over $100,000. She entered into an agreement to pay this combined debt off, but she failed to comply with the payment schedule and was subject to losing her family home with the office space above it.

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Republican Precinct 2 candidate Liana Hofschneider was ordered by the CNMI Courts in 2004 to pay Mobil $115,684.82. The court order states: "Having carefully considered the evidence presented, the Court concludes that Mobil has made a prima facie case for breach of contract. Mobil has established that a contract exists, that Defendant breached that contract, and that it was damaged by the breach. It has also established the amount of those damages: $115,684.82. Defendant has been unable to produce anything concrete to create a question of material fact as to any of these elements. Therefore, the Court must and does GRANT summary judgment in favor of the Plaintiff and HEREBY ORDERS Defendant to pay Mobil the sum of $115,684.82, plus post-judgment interest at the rate of 9% per annum."

View the court order: http://cnmileaksource.webuda.com/leaks/mobilvshofschneider.pdf

Saipan Mayor Donald Flores disobeyed a court order to make payments on a debt he owed, and failed to appear in court when ordered to explain why. The court issued an arrest warrant for him, which he has also ignored.

View court order: http://cnmileaksource.webuda.com/leaks/20120910104157.pdf